Dust is a setting of Rupert Brooke's poem of the same name by Danny Kirwan, featured on Fleetwood Mac's 1972 album Bare Trees.

Original poem details Edit

The poem was written by Rupert Brooke between December 1909 and March 1910. It details the concept of the ashes of cremated individuals interacting after their death just as they did while both parties were alive. The original poem is much longer - Kirwan's setting only features the words of the first two stanzas.

Rupert Brooke Edit

Rupert Brooke was born in Rugby, Warwickshire in 1887. His father was a teacher at Rugby School where Brooke was later educated.

He died in 1915 during service in the First World War after he contracted sepsis when a mosquito bite became infected. He is buried with military honours on the Greek island of Skyros where he was moored with the British Mediterranean Expeditionary Force. at the time of his death.

Lyrics Edit

When the white flame in us is gone,
 And we that lost the world's delight
Stiffen in darkness, left alone
To crumble in our separate night;

When your swift hair is quiet in death,
And through the lips corruption thrust
Has stilled the labour of my breath --
When we are dust, when we are dust!

Personnel Edit

Danny Kirwan - vocals, guitars

Bob Welch - guitars

Christine McVie - keyboards

John McVie - bass

Mick Fleetwood - drums

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